Scottsdale is not only the most visited city in the Southwest; it’s one of the most dynamic cities on the planet. From its fabulous parks and museums to its world-class dining, shopping, entertainment and hotels, it has everything you (and your guests!) could want—including a long list of special event venues.

Corporate Event Location in Scottsdale, AZ

Five Star Celebrity Treatment in a Private Hangar

Corporate events are ever more drawn to unique sites that offer both privacy and an occasion for maximum personalization. They don’t want to tolerate the hotel guest lounging poolside in swim trunks a measly few yards away from the reception, or ineffective attempts to add a special spin to the usual boring décor. “The privacy factor is unquestionably a big draw—in a private hangar you can have the location all to yourself. It’s almost like home.” For guests who want every element to sing in perfect harmony, a private hangar makes that possible.

Whether it’s a faraway island, a 5-Star Resort or a mansion our EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE HANGARS top the charts for CORPORATE EVENTS.

Each event is carefully crafted and one of a kind.

NSV is made up of multiple venue options within the Scottsdale Executive Airport in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our exclusive access, in-house capabilities and extraordinary team make this venue experience like none other. We offer unique venues and options such as world class catering + dynamic furniture, decor and entertainment packages.